2011 Winter Project Week:Breakout ShapeWorks

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Brakeout session on ShapeWorks, Particle shape correspondence

Agenda & Minutes

  • Current status
    • Utah: everything Josh did is in the main distribution
      • Manasi: geodesic distances, normal penalty, longitudinal mixed effect modeling (2 IPMI submission)
  • Move to NITRC
    • First incorporate all local Utah changes into distribtuion
    • CVS to SVN: Migration and put it on NITRC
    • UNC will start and populate NITRC project page
  • Merging of UNC tools into ShapeWorks
    • Incorporate after NITRC start
    • Separate tools directory for pre and post-processing
    • Numerical core source another directory
  • A2D2 Josh & Tom for ITK v4.0
    • New name: for A2D2 and NITRC => Martin and Russ to discuss
  • Fixing correspondence on certain shapes
    • to be done after NITRC inclusion, by ourselves
  • GUI: current FLTK is not sufficient, can be built separately
    • Qt version is needed
    • Separate NITRC/SVN repository (link to main repo via svn externals)
  • Slicer linkage:
    • Slicer for visualization of QC
    • Command line integration
    • Slicer scenes, Lucile and Bea, use Geodesic distances for coloring


  • Martin Styner (UNC)
  • Tom Fletcher (Utah)
  • Josh Cates (Utah)
  • Beatriz Paniagua (UNC)
  • Alan Morris (Utah)
  • Danny Perry (Utah)
  • Josh Blauer (Utah)
  • Manasi Datar (Utah)
  • Clement Vachet (UNC)