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Peter:Regarding Nov 8-9 NCBC Showcase. Some items that need quick attention so we can do a full court press on publicity.

  1. As soon as possible, send Jen and me a list of five high-profile individuals whom we can invite on the ‘testimonial’ panel (i.e., will make a 15 minute presentation about they have used your work/software, and sit on panel). Give us a ranking and brief statement of what the testimonial will be about. Extra points for anyone who can speak to more than one NCBC.
  2. If you haven’t sent us the list of five young people, can you do that. Also in rank order with brief explanation.
  3. Someone made the suggestion that since young trainees are so important we reinstate the lightening talks and reduce the NCBC PI presentation to 20 minutes. We’re ok with that. It will be busy, but the junior people are so important.

email by R. K.


Peter Lyster at NIGMS is organizing an event in November to give the NCBC program more visibility. He wants to circulate the program to NIH folks in order to get it onto their schedules. See his email below on this topic.

We will have a tcon tomorrow to plan our contribution to this event, which is part of the effort to make a competitive renewal of NA-MIC happen. If you can not participate, please email me your thoughts. This whole procedure is on a short fuse.

The tcon will take place on Friday, August 31, from 11am - 11:30am EST. Please use the following number: 800-501-8979, access code: 7327389

Talk to you tomorrow


Potential Names

  • Established:
    • Medical
      • Clare Tempany
      • Alex Golby
      • Yoav Dori (JHU/CHOP; uses Slicer for pediatric cardiology)
      • Heather Cody Hazlett/J. Piven
      • Marek Kubicki/M. Shenton
      • Nassir Marrouche
    • Technical
      • Gabor Fichtinger
      • Terry Peters
      • Russ Taylor
      • Andras Lasso
      • Marc Niethammer
      • Nathalie Agar
      • Kilian Pohl
      • Gordon Kindlmann
      • Jack van Horn
  • Up and Coming
    • Andrei Irimia
    • Danielle Pace
    • Andrey Fedorov
    • Archana Venkataraman - just finished her PhD
    • Mert Sabuncu - faculty at MGH, did his postdoc on NAMIC-related problems
    • Yogesh Rathi
    • Yi Gao
    • Harini Veeraraghavan
    • Casey Goodlett
    • Samuel Gerber