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Administrative Paperwork Timeline

  • 3/14: LOI goes to subs (Sanjay/Rachana)
  • 4/06: Signed Subcontractor's Documents due back to BWH
  • 4/09: Review by Radiology Administration (Trey/Susan)
  • 4/13: Review by BWH RA
  • 4/27: Signed Facepage and budget docs due back to Katie M for page numbering (Katie)
  • 4/30: Ship it to NIH

Scientific Report Timeline

  • 4/1: wiki page setup for progress report (Ann)
  • 4/16: all sections to be completed by owners
  • 4/16: check NIH compliance of all publications in Pubmed (Katie)
  • 4/20: create final report (Ann)
  • 4/23: Update web pages with any new materials from report (Ann)
  • 4/20: create full publications list (Katie)
  • 4/22: final review (Tina, Ron)
  • 4/23: final pdf created and submitted to Rachana (Katie)

Scientific Progress Report


Compiled from the SPL PubDB using search filter for EB005149.



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Conference Papers

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