2012 Summer Project Week:ITKv4 Integration

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Key Investigators

  • Iowa: Hans Johnson, Kent Williams
  • GE: Jim Miller
  • SPL: Steve Pieper
  • Kitware: JC, Julien
  • NLM (C): Bradley Lowekamp
  • NoWare: Bill Lorensen


  1. Move Slicer build from ITKv3 to ITKv4
    1. Complete build from scratch with packaging
    2. Build against ITKv4
    3. Build with SimpleITK
  2. Pass Rule 1 and Rule 2 of "Rons Rules for tools"
    1. You make it, I break it. [1]
    2. Your tool does not exist, until it works on my laptop with my data. [2]

Approach, Plan

Figure out how to get packaging working when building with ITKv4

  • Basic building is working (Has been for a long time).
  • Compiler propagation to submodules needed


During Project Week we resolved the packaging issues.

  1. ITKv4 now supports runtime only installs. (Thanks Bill Lorensen)
    1. This required changes to both Slicer and ITKv4 (for complete compliance).
      1. The Slicer changes are checked into the repo.
      2. The ITKv4 changes are tested and merged into master branch of ITKv4
      3. BRAINSTools was cleaned up to support the COMPONENT Runtime Install
  1. Clean build process
    1. Remove configuration warnings about unnecessary/unused configuration commands
    2. Fix shared library linking for python on Mac for creating successful install
    3. Complete build success tested to respect superbuild requested compiler (set default CC=/dev/null and CXX=/dev/null to force errors)

Delivery Mechanism

As part of the CMake build system