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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Junichi Tokuda, Laurent Chauvin


We will implement the following features in OpenIGTLink IF module:

  • Time stamp support
  • Slice control from external tracker
  • CRC check control
  • Image list query

Approach, Plan

  • Slice Control from External Tracker
    • We will make a separate module called "RealTimeImaging," because the functionality is independent from OpenIGTLink.


  • RealTimeImaging module
    • Slice Control from External Tracker
    • Advantages over version 3.6
      • Independent from OpenIGTLink IF module
      • Control slice direction (In-plane, In-plane90, Transverse with respect to the locator) for each slice viewer independently.
    • qSlicerReslicePropertyWidget is dynamically added to the module panel, when vtkMRMLSliceNode is added to the scene.
    • Demo video (QuickTime)
    • Performance looks good.
    • Issue
      • Lack of smoothness in tracking... the module often pauses. Maybe time/event in OpenIGTLinkIF has to be improved?
      • Steve suggested to use QSocket, which allows us to use slot/signal to detect data arrival.
  • IGTL Remote module
    • Obtain the list of images available in external image database of navigation system (e.g. Brainlab) through OpenIGTLink.
    • Implemented features:
      • Request image list and show in the table interface
      • Select image from the list
      • Request image
    • Issue
      • Query node management... Timeout mechanism has to be implemented.

Delivery Mechanism

The features implemented during this project week were implemented in three separate modules. They are available from the following Subversion repositories:




NOTE on July 26, 2012: The repository has been moved to the following repositories:

The documentation is at: