2012 Summer Project Week:Reporting

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Andrey Fedorov, Nicole Aucoin, Steve Pieper, Ron Kikinis, Fiona Fennessy
  • Northwestern U: Pat Mongklowat
  • Kitware: JC


As part of BWH QIN project, we are working on implementing support for

  • organizing Slicer markup and annotations into hierarchies to maintain their relationship with the original volumes
  • export these hierarchies and Slicer internal data structures into other formats (e.g., AIM)

This development is currently happening within Reporting module (available on github).

Approach, Plan

  • present the capabilities of the Reporting module to the interested groups
  • discuss the missing features and roadmap for future development
  • cross-check with the AIM experts (Pat) that the AIM output is correct
  • discuss the possibility of integrating Reporting module with the native AIM API, which is currently under development by Pat Mongklowat's group
  • consider integrating Reporting as an extension
  • discuss how support of DICOM SEG should be integrated into Slicer
  • connection/extension of DICOM SEG and the lookup table concept of Slicer


Delivery Mechanism

Reporting module is available as a Slicer4 loadable module, source code available on github: https://github.com/fedorov/Reporting