2012 Winter Project Week:FastInterpolation

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Key Investigators

  • Ivan Kolesov : Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Greg Sharp : MGH
  • Allen Tannenbaum : Boston University


  • Goal: Create a deformable registration approach for computing large deformations(e.g. in the presence of abnormalities, between different patients)
  • A stochastic registration algorithm has been implemented.
  • Bottleneck is performing image interpolation quickly.

Approach, Plan

  • Take advantage of the structure of deformation (parameterized deformation field).
  • Perform approximate interpolation.
  • Make algorithmic improvements to allow for large 3D datasets to be used.


  • Proposed an optimization ~100x faster than previous version
  • Tested on the 2D phantom image above.

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a

  1. Slicer Module (via PLUS and OpenIGTLink)