2012 Winter Project Week:GraphbasedSeg

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Key Partners

  • Utah: Gopal Veni, Ross Whitaker


  • Optimal segmentation of the left atrium and its surrounding tissue simultaneously on 3D LGE-MRI images.

Approach, Plan

  • A graph based technique is used that is capable of segmenting multiple surfaces simultaneously and in an optimal manner.
  • Our plan for the project week is to design a cost function that could effectively work on real data including left atrium and its surrounding wall.


  • So far, the algorithm has been tested successfully on the 2D synthetic data.
  • A model using image profile has been designed and cost functions based on that have been induced to optimally segment the left atrium and its surrounding wall.
  • Multilineblurnoise scimg.png
  • Multilineblur scimgop.png
  • Slice20 seg.png
  • Slice20 segzoom.png