2012 Winter Project Week:InteractiveSegmentation

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Key Investigators

  • MGH: Greg Sharp, Steve Pieper


The goal of this project is to evaluate the new "ModelDraw" interactive editing tool for structure segmentation in radiotherapy adaptive planning. We will identify the most important new feature that should be included to improve the usability of the tool.

Approach, Plan

The approach will be to attempt to draw several structures using the current version of ModelDraw, and then list up the features that would be good to include. In addition, we will attempt to make screen captures and put together a tutorial. We will look into the issues and options for porting this tool to Slicer4.


Compiled list of desirable features

  1. Convert existing edits (e.g. from brush tool) into contour format
  2. Automatic assignment correspondence of points
  3. Ability to modify results of intermediate slices and re-interpolate
  4. Better algorithms to match users intent on intermediate slices

To Do Items:

  1. Validate utility of tool in slicer3 context
  2. Plan interface requirements for slicer4
  3. Determine timeline and priority of port

Delivery Mechanism

  • The software is available as a built-in feature.
  • A NA-MIC tutorial should be created.


  • (none)