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We have to do better than this

Key Investigators

Josh Cates, Yi Gao, Liang-Jia Zhu, Alan Morris, Danny Perry, Greg Gardner, Rob MacLeod, Sylvain Bouix, Allen Tannenbaum


  • To explore ideas for establishing correspondence (via registration or other means) between points on the surface of the LA endocardium in pre-RF-ablation DEMRI images with post-RF-ablation DEMRI images to within about 2 mm precision. This may be an impossible task (or impossible to validate the results, anyway), but there are many important application areas for AF research and clinical treatment if we can do it. For the Project Week, our main goal is to explore possibilities with available NAMIC expertise and Slicer tools during the meeting. If a likely algorithm can be identified, we will plan a Slicer module to implement it.
  • Related to the idea of registration and correspondence in the wall, we have some specific ideas for how to effectively visualize and interact with off-axis, 2D slices through registered (in the sense of the aforementioned endocardial surface correspondence to within 2mm) pre- and post- RF ablation DEMRI images. Our specific needs are to present a physician with side-by-side views of corresponding anatomy on which to make manual measurements and qualitative analyses. The visualization tools we have in mind do not seem to easily fit within the constraints of a current Slicer module, so we may need to talk about additional Slicer core functionality.
  • See also this related registration project. These are listed as separate projects because they may involve different registration methods and visualization needs.

Approach, Plan

  • We utilize the segmentation of the endo-cardium to aid the registration so that the registration accuracy, in particular for our region of interest, is improved.


Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a (please select the appropriate options by noting YES against them below)

  1. Slicer Module
    1. Extension -- commandline