2012 Winter Project Week:PairWiseDTIRegistration

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DTI registration/processing pipeline in Slicer3

Key Investigators

  • UNC: Clement Vachet, Martin Styner
  • IOWA: Mark Scully, Hans Johnson


We focus on enabling the use of advanced DTI processing within NA-MIC and on automatizing steps to perform atlas-based DTI population analysis. One component is pair-wise DTI registration which can be directly performed by DTI-Reg, a C++ application developed in that regard.

Approach, Plan

DTI-Reg is an open-source C++ application that performs pair-wise DTI registration. Individual steps of the pair-wise registration pipeline are performed via external applications, called via BatchMake. Starting with two input DTI images, scalar FA maps are generated via dtiprocess. Registration is then performed between these FA maps, via BRAINSFit or BRAINSDemonWarp, which provide different registration schemes: rigid, affine, BSpline, diffeomorphic, logDemons. The final deformation is then applied to the source DTI image via resampleDTI.


  • Advertised DTI-Reg to several collaborators (NITRC project)
  • Discussion with J-C with respect to Slicer4 extensions
  • First attempt to build DTI-Reg built as a Slicer4 extension (cf images)
    • Dependent packages would need to be extensions as well: (DTIProcess...)
    • CMake files still need to be cleaned (using Slicer or individual libraries to compile the whole project)

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a Slicer extension