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Key Investigators

  • UNC: Ipek Oguz, Beatriz Paniagua, Martin Styner
  • Utah SCI: Josh Cates, Manasi Datar, Ross Whitaker


The UNC and Utah groups have created many tools around ShapeWorks over the years. While this is great for ourselves for development and debugging and such, it is a bit of a nightmare for an outside user to learn. We'd like to create an easy-to-use wrapper Slicer module that will present a unified front. The idea is to start with just a set of binary segmentations, go through all the different preprocessing steps such as anti-aliasing, distance transform, etc, run correspondence, and do postprocessing which involves creating new surface meshes that are in correspondence as the final output. All the intermediate steps will be automatically run.

Approach, Plan

All the necessary pieces of software already exist and have been thoroughly tested on many datasets, so we just need to pull the pieces together. We essentially need to figure out how to keep the interface simple while keeping the tools flexible enough. This will probably mean separating the necessary inputs from all the advanced settings, and providing sensible defaults for all of those.


The infrastructure for the module is done already. Meetings with the Particle group to make dissemination decisions.

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered in NITRC, as an extension to the current ShapeWorks pipeline