2012 Winter Project Week:RTSS

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Key Investigators

Greg Sharp, Steve Pieper, Andras Lasso, Kevin Wang, Csaba Pinter


Find a good representation of RT structure sets in Slicer. There were some preliminary work in Slicer3 (using Plastimatch) and new efforts (Plastimatch, DCMTK/DCMRT, SparKit).

Approach, Plan

  • Specify requirements for representing structure sets in Slicer
  • Decide on the design
  • Implement the solution in Slicer4


  • Preliminary discussions, requirement specification, identification of design options completed.
  • Mockup of UI available for feedback


  • Requirements
    • Support up to 100 structures
    • Support overlapping structures
    • Display a name for each structure
    • Show/hide each structure
    • Manual editing of each structure
    • Rigid/deformable transform of the structures
    • DICOM-RT export
  • Design options
    • Store each structure as one labelmap (lots of memory, data loss when converted from contours)
    • Store multiple structure in a labelmap as bitfield (limited to 32 structures, complicated editing, data loss when converted from contours)
    • Store as model or annotation contours (not the usual representation for segmented structures, models cannot be edited)
  • Considerations
    • Structure contours must be associated with background volume DICOM data in order to be exported correctly. This effort should be coordinated with the DICOM SR/AIM annotation effort
    • How should these be represented in ITK and the SEM?