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Spine Segmentation & Osteoporosis Screening In CT Imaging Studies

Osteoporosis is a condition of decreased bone mass that leads to fractures and negatively impacts millions of people, causing immobility, pain, and mortality, and costing billions of dollars annually. Although an effective technique (DXA) for early diagnosis exists and the condition is treatable, screening compliance is low. Preliminary diagnosis of osteoporosis is achievable by inspecting vertebral bodies in CT scans performed for other clinical reasons based on morphology, structure, and density. However, this is time consuming and the condition is frequently under diagnosed.

To address this problem, we are building a fully automated tool for spine segmentation and detection of osteoporosis findings.


Key Investigators

  • Radnostics: Anthony Blumfield
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Einat Blumfield, MD

To join or collaborate with this project, please contact Anthony dot Blumfield At Radnostics dot Com.


Osteoporosis is common, devastating, and treatable.

We are building a fully automated tool to detect findings of osteoporosis by inspecting the morphology, structure, and density of vertebral bodies in CT studies performed for other clinical reasons.

Approach, Plan

Radnostics Beta 1 integration into 3D Slicer 3.6

Stage 1: private

Stage 2: public


Beta integration complete as 3D Slicer command line module

To participate mailto:Beta@Radnostics.com

Thanks to Nicole Aucoin & Steve Peiper




Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NAMIC Kit as a

  1. Beta binary distribution
  2. Slicer commandline module