2012 Winter Project Week:SPIEWorkshop

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Key Investigators

  • UNC: Jean-Baptiste Berger, Clement Vachet, Martin Styner
  • BWH: Sonia Pujol
  • Utah: Guido Gerig


This pipeline goes from diffusion weighted images to cleaned diffusion tensor images with the possibility to highlights differences intra- or inter-subjects. We are currently preparing datasets and developing tools in order to test this pipeline. Tutorials will be made to guide users.

Approach, Plan

The pipeline follows those steps :

  • Processing of DWI images to DTI images and visualization through the current Slicer Module
  • DTI registration to Atlas thanks to DTI Reg
  • Tracking on Atlas
  • Cleaning fiber tracks with FiberViewer Light
  • Getting Statistical data with DTIAtlasFiberAnalyzer


  • Gathering data for testing on Linux 64, Mac OS, and Windows 7 with Visual C++ 2008

Delivery Mechanism