2012 Winter Project Week:UKFTractography

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Christian Baumgartner, Yogesh Rathi, Demian Wassermann, C-F Westin


The objective is to integrate the two-tensor tractography algorithm into Slicer4 and to explore the possibilities of the new Slicer release.

Approach, Plan

The code currently is available as standalone version, and as Slicer3 module. During this week we hope to elucidate the changes necessary to integrate it into Slicer4.


  • Durring the 2012 project week we managed to integrate the two-tensor tractography code into the Slicer4 framework as an Extension.
  • We also managed to add two helper modules for fiber extraction, and generation of scalar volumes from fibers as Slicer4 Extension.
  • We are planing to combine the main module, and two helper modules into a wizard that will facilitate fullbrain tractography using the two-tensor approach.
  • Furthermore, we will facilitate the standalone building using the CMake superbuild approach.