2012 Winter Project Week DBP Utah Team Meeting

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This session is for the agenda for the Utah DBP team meeting with Ron.

  1. Segmentation of the LA endocardium and the LA wall
    1. Yi Gao's multi-atlas method: preliminary results and conclusions DBP3:Utah:AutoEndoSeg
    2. Other ideas? More interactive methods?
  2. Registration: Correspondence in the LA wall and pulmonary vein antrum
    1. Motivating examples Registration Motivation
    2. What accuracy is possible?
    3. How do we validate?
    4. Vector-valued optimization metrics: Segmentation + LGE-MRI + MRA?
  3. Scar and Fibrosis Quantification
    1. Scar results (SPIE)
    2. Fibrosis?
  4. Data
  5. ISBI Challenge
  6. Integration of 3D segmentations with Fluoro
  7. OpenIGT for realtime MRI-guided RF ablation