2013 Summer Project Week:ITK Shared IO Libraries

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Key Investigators

  • Jim Miller, GE
  • Bradley Lowekamp, MSC/NLM
  • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Kitware


We are looking at converting ITK's IO libraries to be shared on Windows systems. This should address the problems of ITK's ImageIO factories being registered multiple time during static initialization.

Approach, Plan

We want to create a patch for ITK which adds a modular option for shared libraries, then turn this option on for all ITK modules which contain ObjectFactories. Then we will disable complication added to Slicer3D to deal with the current complication.


We have successfully created an improvement patch to the ITK library which enables this option. Evaluating this impact this change has on Slicer is still pending.

Delivery Mechanism

This goal of this work is to push it in to ITK upstream for the 4.5 development cycle.