2013 Summer Project Week:Liver Trajectory Management

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Laurent Chauvin, Junichi Tokuda


  • Discuss missing features with people in the community
  • Discuss packaging as part of SlicerIGT

Approach, Plan

Currently we have three separate modules:

In this week we will

  • Create a single package that combines frequently-used functions in the PathPlanner, VisuaLine and VolumeResliceDriver modules.
  • We will keep the previously-developed three modules for advanced users.
  • Discuss with people interested in this/these modules to implement new features (if requested)


  • Created new version of PathPlanner, now regrouping planning, visualization and reslicing
  • Discussed with Tamas in order to integrate it to SlicerIGT extension package
    • Need to restructure module in order to have the logic (and MRMLNode) available from other module
    • Move reslicing part to VolumeResliceDriver and call the logic of VolumeResliceDriver to reslice with ruler
    • Implement OpenIGTLink trajectory support
  • Will be submit as extension soon (temporary name: OpenTrajectoryManager), waiting to be restructured and included in SlicerIGT

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a Slicer Extension. The repository will be created at [1].