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Key Investigators

  • GE: Dirk Padfield
  • UIowa: Hans Johnson
  • MSC/NLM: Bradley Lowekamp


Integrate the Masked FFT Normalized Correlation algorithm from ITK into Slicer and ensure that the correlation map overlays correctly with the fixed image. This filter is useful for fast rigid registration of images that have associated masks that defined what regions should be ignored in the registration metric.

Approach, Plan

Corrected the output origin of the MaskedFFTNCC algorithm so that the fixed image falls directly in the middle of the output correlation map in physical space. With this alignment, each point in the output NCC map overlaps at the location in the fixed image at which the moving image provides that NCC score when centered at that location.


Submitted as an ITK gerrit patch and is in the process of being merged. After merging, it will be integrated into SimpleITK so that it can be called using the SimpleFilters interface in Slicer.

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a (please select the appropriate options by noting YES against them below)

  1. ITK Module - YES
  2. Slicer Module - YES
    1. Built-in
    2. Extension -- commandline
    3. Extension -- loadable
  3. Other (Please specify)