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Key Investigators

  • imes: Sebastian Tauscher
  • KUKA: Thomas Neff
  • BWH: Junichi Tokuda
  • BWH: Nobuhiko Hata


Within this cooperative project of the KUKA Laboratories GmbH and the Institute for Mechatronic Systems we are developing a interface concept for the integration of the Light Weight Robot (KUKA) in an image-guided therapy system. Therefor we developed an interfae concept using OpenIGTLink which will be tested and validated by integrating the KUKA LWR into the MediLAB environment in the medical technology laboratory of the institute. For Further Information visit imes or KUKA Laboratories page.

Approach, Plan

The aim is to use this OpenIGTLink interface to control the Leight Weight Robot (LWR) with a Slicer Modul and visualize the current position in CT image data. Therefor a state machine is running on the robot controller. Implemented states so far are registration, sending registrations points, receiving transform, gravitation compensation (GravComp) mode, navigated GravComp and a virtual fixtures (Plane/Cone). These State machine will be extended during this project with states e.g move to point.


A Slicer module was implemented with which Commands and Transformation can be send to the robot and the current position of the robot can be shown in CT data. The Slicer extension is available at : https://github.com/SNRLab/LightWeightRobotIGT