2013 Summer Project Week Breakout Session:RT

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Patient Hierarchy

  • Briefly present already implemented features and internals (Csaba, ppt)
  • Discuss integration into Slicer core
    • Name of the module and the common classes (SubjectHierarchy?)
      • Propose SubjectHierarchy name to Ron
    • What and how to generalize from SlicerRT's Patient Hierarchy
      • Explore other use cases for SubjectHierarchy (Reporting/SR, Longitudinal (such as Andrey's PET/CT))
      • Make sure there are no conflicts with other hierarchies (Time, etc.)
      • Minimize the duplication between DICOM DB tags and PatientHierarchy attributes
        • Exceptions: Modality, ?
      • Suggested tasks according to loaded data, even set toolbar icons
    • CLI improvements (project page)
      • Support other module types: qMRMLNodeComboBox level, add to hierarchy when creating new node
    • Future ideas
      • Greyed-out entries from remote DICOM DB objects

Handling deformable transforms

  • Meeting minutes of the Monday meeting about this
    • Transforms are generally ITK objects, utilize the ITK algorithms directly?
    • Invertable transforms: if non-invertable, then estimate, e.g. by converting BSpline to deformation field
  • Create a roadmap so that work can start on this
    • Later
  • Dicom Spatial Registration Objects (SRO), Greg needs both rigid & deformable
    • Registration results stored in DICOM, part of the standard
    • Matrices and vector fields (possibly no BSpline)
    • Implement importing these objects (in a new import plugin)

New DICOM browser

  • Plan for integrating it into CTK trunk, Screenshots
    • Have a superset of columns for the visualizing tables, and then define a subset on the user level
  • Roadmap for accommodating those changes Slicer core
    • Push as much as possible to the CTK level (selection in the tree etc.)
    • Possible project for the London hackfest

DICOM export

  • Vocabulary: Import / Export, Load / Save
  • Location
    • DICOM browser?
    • Patient Hierarchy?
  • Handling private tags
    • Commercial systems can (should) be expected to load RT data without any private tags
  • Test re-loading back to Slicer, compare all tags except for UIDs


  • Dose calculation engine
    • Display grid for LDR
    • Pre-plan for safety, but also
    • Incremental re-planning according to placed seeds
      • Tracking seeds for HDR
  • Exporting contours from Slicer4
  • Use ultrasound (masquarading as CT) for Oncentra planning for gyn