2013 Tutorial Contest Review

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Tutorial Name 1) Slicer Version 2) Platforms 3) Slicer License 4) Data anonymized 5) Contact Info 6) Tutorial Template followed 7) Additional Instructions Test Windows XP 'Test Windows 7 Test Linux 64 Test Linux 32 Test mac
Cardiac MRI Toolkit Extension 4.2/Nightly windows 7, MAC, linux No Yes salma.bengali@carma.utah.edu Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes
Hello CLI: contributing an algorithm into Slicer 4 4.2.2 windows 7, linux No Yes gcsharp@partners.org No No No Yes Yes No No
SlicerRT Extension 4.2/Nightly windows 7, MAC, linux No Yes(Phantom) pinter@cs.queensu.ca Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes
DTIPrep 4.2 MAC, linux No Yes dmwelch@healthcare.uiowa.edu No No No No Yes No Yes


  • Tutorial must be based on the Slicer4.2 current release version .
  • To enter the contest, you must provide a self-test that can be run in Slicer and a version of the tutorial that works on all supported platforms (Mac,Windows,Linux)+.

Example of self-tests can be found in the RSNA2012Quant module of Slicer4.2.

  • Tutorial and all of its components (data, powerpoints/pdfs, additional modules etc.) must be released under the Slicer license
  • Tutorial data must be anonymized
  • Tutorial must include contact information of the primary author (e-mail and phone number)
  • Tutorial must follow the guidelines specified above and use the Summer 2013 contest tutorial template.
  • If applicable, the tutorial must provide clear directions for downloading and installing additional modules

+Applicants will work with the NA-MIC Training and Dissemination Cores in advance to do the multi-platform testing.

  1. Cardiac MRI Toolkit Extension
    1. was windows 7 32 bit tested? No test was run for it
    2. video is a helpful guide, before and after pictures were presented well
    3. color of the labels
    4. video
    5. with self-test
    6. presented at ISRM 2013
    7. would be nice to have better instructions on how to edit the images
  2. Hello CLI: contributing an algorithm into Slicer 4
    1. add simple threshold name to end of download file instead of hello
    2. no self test for tutorial
    3. Hello CLI --->simple threshold
  3. SlicerRT Extension
    1. step by step pictures were easy to follow
    2. very clearly to new
    3. with self -test
    4. has many explanations
    5. RSNA 2012
    6. ECR 2013
    7. Good explanation of very complicated workflow
  4. DTIPrep
    1. maybe have a page at the beginning of the presentation explaining what DTI and GUI are & if its "for me"
    2. troubleshooting data sets to see which should be deleted and proceed with reduced noise
    3. would be beneficial to have before and after pictures in noise
    4. no self test