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Key Investigators

  • Iowa: Hans Johnson
  • Kitware: JC
  • Slicer: Steve

Project Description


Fix bug 3544 where Slicer CLI interface and DWIConvert are not passing the converted .nrrd file to the interface.

Approach, Plan

  • [HANS - [*DONE*] Create failing test case
    • Command line converts correctly, and resulting DWI image loads in Slicer
    • GUI module claims success, but resulting DWI image is never loaded in Slicer
  • Identify problem
    • [JC/Steve/Hans --[*DONE*] Sit and debug UKF
    • [KENT -- Wednesday] Fix bug
  • Fix
    • [KENT--[*DONE*]] Merge fixed version with BRAINSTools, and then update Slicer to new BRAINSTools with bug fixes.
    • [HANS] Create stub documentation page
    • [KENT] Add details to documentation page.
    • [All] CELEBRATE!


    • [DONE --not needed] Test case completed, need to push to common location.