2014 Project Week:RT FormatConversions

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Key Investigators

Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer (MGH)



John Evans (MGH)

Greg Sharp (MGH)

Project Description


  • Evaluate different options for converting from DICOM-seg/NIFTI/nrrd (mask) to DICOM-RT (contours) and back.
  • Compare performance of Slicer RT/plastimatch/others.

Approach, Plan

  • Develop a test set with range of appearance of structures
    • overlapping
    • donuts


  • Creates python script (based on Slicer RT) for converting contours to label maps (thanks Csaba!)
  • Reporting module provides conversion from label map to DICOM-SEG
  • Plastimatch has DICOM-RT import export
  • Will test full roundtrip conversions using QIN lung segmentation challenge datasets
  • Started creating a library of test cases with known issues (donuts, overlapping structures etc)
  • Will also create synthetic datasets