2014 Project Week Breakout Session: DICOM

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Overall discussion of DICOM in slicer and related projects.


  • Introduction - Steve (5 minutes)
  • 3D Slicer DICOM Module - Alireza (10 minutes)
    • Recent improvements
    • Plans
  • DICOM RT - Andras, Csaba - (10 minutes) (slides)
  • Recent developments related to DICOM - Andrey, Steve (15 minutes)
  • dcmjs - Steve, Jc (10 minutes) (slides)
  • Discussion and other topics of interest to the community
    • How to create correct derived DICOM objects (e.g. how to wrap CLI modules to export valid DICOM).

Remote participation

We will be holding a google hangout as part of this breakout session. Anyone interested in joining, please contact Steve or Andrey so we can email you the hangout link.

Signed up so far:

  • David Clunie, PixelMed Publishing
  • Michael Onken, Offis / OpenConnections GMBH

Other reference material