2014 Project Week Breakout Session: IGT Neuro

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Session Moderators: Alexanda Golby, Tina Kapur

Attendees: Alireza Mehrtash, Isaiah Norton, Alex Yarmakovich, Ron, Steve, Andras Lasso, Rahul Sastry, Jayshree Kalpathy Cramer, Dominik Meier, Matt Toews, Luiz Murta, Chenxi Zhang, Marcel Prastawa, Kanglin, Laurent Chauvin, Vivek Narayan, Tamas Ungi, Alexander, Adam Rankin, Tassilo Klein, Saskia Camp, Keryn Palmer, Katarina B, Sneha Durgapal, Tammy R, Pete Anderson, Robin Kouver, Nassem, Neerav Patel, Yangming, Jim Miller

  • ultrasound visualization in context of MR
    • demo of current ultrasound trajectory+reconstructed data in Slicer Demo-1, Demo-2
    • next step: we need "dynamic pre-defined slice reconstruction" (or slice painting)?
  • visualize temporal progression of 3D ultrasound -- save various timepoints and be able to toggle between them
    • sometimes during resection the stuff near the probe-tissue interface appears to be residual tumor, and it would be useful to go back to a previous timepoint to see the original tumor extent
  • feedback during ultrasound acquisition Demo
    • guidance on when sweep is done (full volume is covered)
    • is the quality of recon is good enough
  • aiding interpretation of ultrasound
    • blood vs. saline
  • ultrasound annotation during the case
  • UKF tractography in neurosurgery
  • Brainlab point collection/acquisition -- interface with Slicer