2014 Project Week Breakout Session: IGT Prostate

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  • Time:1:00-230pm, Thursday, June 25
  • Location: Star conference room. State Center.
  • Attendees: Clare Tempany, Nobuhiko Hata, Andrey Fedorov, Andras Lasso, Tamas Ungi, Tobias Penzkofer, Ron Kikinis, Adam Rankin, Chenxi Zhang, Jim Miller, Steve Pieper, Luiz Murta, Emylin Souza, Keryn Palmer, Nirav Patel, Laurent Chauvin
  • 1:00-1:05pm: Welcome Noby Hata
  • 1:05-1:25pm: State of art and unmet needs in Image Guided Prostate Intervention, Clare Tempany, MD
  • 1:25-1:35pm: "Ask the expert: Q&A with Dr. Tempany"
  • 1:35-1:50pm: Unmet needs in prostate quantitative imaging and IGT, Andriy Fedorov, PhD
  • 1:50-2:00pm: Discussion
  • 2:00-2:30pm: Open slot for programming week participants. Any presentation in response to/in relations to the previous spekaers' talk.