2014 Summer Project Week:Cortical Dysplasia Identification

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Key Investigators

  • Luiz Murta
  • Emylin Sousa
  • Tina Kapur
  • Ron Kikinis

Project Description


  • Find, construct and validate tools to investigate the presence and location of the epileptogenic focus through analysis of: cortical thickness, texture patterns.
  • Investigates image registration as computational tool to compare pre and post MRI in epilepsy surgery.

Approach, Plan

  • Structure and tissue segmentation of cortex.
  • Cortical thickness evaluation, grey matter texture analysis.
  • Pre and post surgical MRI registration, localization of resection.


  • Gray matter segmentation using expectation-maximization (EMS) algorithm has shown accuracy and robustness in cortical dysplasia data.
  • Started understanding and adapting existing code (ARCTIC) to estimate thickness. (with the help of Clement Vachet and Marcel Prastawa)
  • Scripted module for registration between pre- and post-surgical volumes and quadratic difference volume computation to highlight resection. (Almost done, thanks for help from Jim Miller and Steve Pieper)