2014 Summer Project Week:FiberTractDispersion

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Peter Savadjiev
  • Iowa: Hans Johnson
  • BWH: Yogesh Rathi
  • BWH: C-F Westin

Project Description


The fiber tract dispersion computation method of Savadjiev et al. (MICCAI 2012) has recently been converted from an implementation in Matlab to C++/ITK. However, more work needs to be done in debugging and testing the C++ implementation. Currently this method is bundled with the UKF Tractography extension, but the long term goal is to make it into a stand-alone extension.

In addition, some more debugging and testing of the UKF Tractography extension is needed.

Approach, Plan

  • Private git repository already exists at: git@github.com:BRAINSia/CompressedSensingDWI.git
  • Debug and test the fiberTractDispersion code
  • Implement needed changes to the default behaviour of UKFTractography
  • Separate fiberTractDispersion from UKFTractography to create an independent Slicer extension.


  • Worked on implementing changes to the UKFTractography extension.
  • Discovered two new issues, one involving cmake, one involving irk multithreading.
  • The issue with cmake should be under control.
  • The issue with itk multithreading is work in progress.
  • Worked on debugging fibertractdispersion
  • Had several discussions with Hans, JC, Ron.