2014 Winter Project Week DICOM Breakout

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Tuesday, January 7, 9-10am Mountain Time in Amethyst 1


  • Steve
  • Jim
  • Andras
  • Csaba
  • Greg
  • Andrey
  • Alireza
  • Ron
  • Nicole

(Everyone with an interest in this topic is welcome)


Several major projects in the NA-MIC community involve DICOM interoperability. Many Slicer users also have experience with clinical workstations and PACS systems and expect Slicer to provide a user interface consistent with commercial products. While major progress has been made on this topic in the past several years, this breakout session is dedicated to identifying and prioritizing outstanding issues.

Related Projects


  • Design and usability issues with current Slicer DICOM Module
  • Outstanding Issues
    • Table layouts to optimize information content
    • Context menu functions
    • Display options for Patient/Subject/Series info
    • Header widget features (Remove does not work)
  • Utility class for manipulating dicom database programmatically (logic not gui)
  • Consider consolidation of sources like XNAT and TCIA databases within the DICOM module/GUI
  • Consider integration of table display and the Subject Hierarchy
  • Discuss database and interprocess communication (agents)
  • DICOM export