2014 Winter Project Week QIICR Breakout

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This is a meeting for the QIICR team.


  • Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014, 9-10am Amethyst room
  • Attendees
    • In-person: Andrey, Ron, Steve, Jayashree, John, Ethan, Nicole, Rick Herrick

Action Items

  • Review of what has been accomplished so far
    • Iowa:
      • PET metric calculation module is functional (Ethan)
      • TODO: ask Reinhard about sharing the segmentation results for the TCIA shared collection
    • BWH:
      • set up project infrastructure (github, web-site, wiki, Midas, mailing list)
      • shared project specific datasets via Midas
      • Tools: identified the functionality to be delivered as a Slicer module: DCE modeling tool
      • DICOM infrastructure near-term deliverables:
        • multiframe for DCE analysis input data: evaluate related parts of the standard, existing converters and capabilities applied to QIN data (see project on QIICR wiki)
        • segmentation objects: improve existing support in Slicer to handle multiple segments, improve support in DCMTK (Michael Onken)
        • output post-processed DCE series and parametric maps: floating point - have not discussed intermediate solution, David will re-initiate work related to improved support in the standard
      • Image repositories:
        • Started work on TCIA browser in Slicer (see project on QIICR wiki)
        • Reviewed capabilities of XNAT module in Slicer in relation to handling some QIN use cases; approaches to harmonization of DICOM module with the XNAT/TCIA interfaces have been discussed (see notes on QIICR wiki)
      • AF to check with Fiona re dataset availability of all the collection for QIN-PROSTATE
    • MGH:
      • data: NIFTI example available on Midas (Private collection)
      • TODO: upload a sample of the dataset for one patient (DICOM anonymized), include annotations by the end of the week
      • TODO: investigate integration of FreeSurfer into Slicer as extension, Jayashree will check with Bruce, may not be available on Windows
      • AIM templates - think about conversion into SR templates?
  • Discussion of work to be accomplished during project week
  • Discussion of work in the close future


  • Multiframe DICOM: fixes will be needed in CTK, XNAT cannot handle multiframe;
  • XNAT (Rick):
    • Multiframe: 1.6.3 released this month (January), multiframe support will be available at that time
    • Support of other modalities: should be able to mix the modalities in series, modalities that are not known should go through
    • XNAT XTK viewer will be available in 1.7
    • Review action items from the past hangout calls