2015 Orthognathic Surgery

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Key Investigators

  • Dženan Zukić, PhD, Kitware
  • Tung Nguyen, PhD, MD, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Ricardo Ortiz, PhD, Kitware
  • Beatriz Paniagua, PhD, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Andinet Enquobahrie, PhD, Kitware


  • Andras Lasso, PhD, Queen's University
  • Tamas Ungi, PhD, Queen's University
  • Laura Sanz, UC3M, Madrid

Project Description


  • Use ultrasound to verify proper position of mandibular condyle during orthognatic surgery

Approach, Plan

  • Use tracking to create 3D ultrasound image and register it with preop CT


  • Preliminary results available
  • Paper submitted to a MICCAI/AECAI2015 workshop.

Meeting goals

Project week goals are discussions for improvement of

  • 3D reconstruction algorithm parameters (minor improvement)
  • Ultrasound image post-processing (no improvement)
  • Scanning aspects related to repeatability (important new information)
  • Bone segmentation considerations (important new insights)