2015 Summer Project Week:AutomaticCephalometric

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Key Investigators

• J. Jesus Montufar-Trujillo, MEng, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico

• Marcelo Romero-Huertas, PhD, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico

• Fernando Arambula-Cosio, PhD, CCADET, UNAM

• Brissa Jimenez-Valdez, MD, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico

3DSlicer Colaborator

  • Dženan Zukić, PhD, Kitware Inc.
  • Sonia Pujol
  • Steve Pieper
  • Adam Rankin
  • Ron Kikinis


• Automatic cephalometric landmarks localisation in computer tomography images for cephalometric analisys and applications.

Approach, Plan

• Using computer tomography images, localise cephalometric landmarks, investigating state of the art algorithms (hybrid approach, soft-computing and image processing) for cephalometric analysis and applications.


• A literature review paper in revision for publication: International Conference on Health Informatics and Medical Systems (WorldComp 2015).

Summer Week 2015 Progress

• We have met key people for collaboration and technical support: Sonia, Ron, Steve, Peter, Dzenan and Adam.

• Relevant literature and advices have been provided from them.

• A functional module in Slicer is now in process.