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Steve Pieper

  • TeleMed MicrUs USB US scanner and probe (MicrUs EXT-1H Kit with L12-5L40S-3 transducer)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (US)
  • Galaxy Gear VR and Galaxy Note 4
  • Structure Sensor & ipad mini
  • Ultrasound Phantom (elephantom) & scans CT, MR, microCT

Javier Pascau

  • Ascension 3D Guidance medSAFE (3DGM) EM tracker with three sensors (1 x Model 800, 2 x Model 180)
  • CIRS Multi-Modality Breast Biopsy and Sonographic Trainer (Model 073)
  • Artec Eva 3D Scanner
  • Optical tracking system with 4 cameras (OptiTrack)

Sebastian Tauscher

  • Light Weight Robot LWR iiwa (KUKA Roboter GmbH)
  • Sawbone Femur Phantom with fiducials

Andrey Fedorov

If someone needs those, please contact me fedorov@bwh.harvard.edu, and I can bring the following:

If someone has a real use and a good project where this could really help, I can also bring Ascension trakSTAR system with 800 model sensors http://www.ndigital.com/msci/products/drivebay-trackstar/