2015 Summer Project Week:IGTSliceletBase

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Key Investigators

  • Andras Lasso
  • Andrey Fedorov
  • Adam Rankin
  • Jayender Jagadeesan
  • Laszlo Kanyasi

Project Description


  • Generalize current Slicer-based intra-operative/surgical applications that are already successfully translated to the operating room
  • Create base classes and utility functions for easy implementation of slicelets/full-screen modules that are convenient to use in the operating room, running on tablets and laptops

Approach, Plan

  • Questions:
    • Slicelet/full-screen module, docking widgets (slicelets seem to have performance issue and it's difficult to make sure nothing relies on main window, status bar, etc.)
    • Scene initialization: create empty scene/activate loaded scene
    • How to split code to multiple files but still allow reloading (similarly to Editor?)
    • What are the minimum set of modules required for basic operation of Slicer
    • How to create logic class without activating the GUI
  • Create base classes and/or utility classes
  • Create intra-operative US/MRI prostate registration slicelet


  • Guidance slicelet = guidelet base class is added to https://github.com/SlicerIGT/SlicerIGT, guidelets are added: https://github.com/SlicerIGT/LumpNav and https://github.com/SlicerIGT/ProstateNav
  • Sample sequence (can be replayed using PlusServer)
  • Collected information of several groups about common needs
    • Start in full screen
    • Save/load scene
    • Import pre-operative image (DICOM and non-DICOM)
    • Device control through Plus: live image and/or tracking acquisition, start/stop recording (record procedure - live images, tool positions), volume reconstruction
    • Switch between layouts
    • Switch between simplified/full slicer GUI
    • Send Plus configuration files to Plus
    • Create abstract workflow section and step; automatic transition to state; disable/show warning if prerequisites are not met
    • View-point, bulls-eye view
    • Edit application configuration
  • Created base class that is ready to be used for prototyping US-guided procedures