2015 Summer Project Week:LinearFeatureRegistration

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Key Investigators

  • Matthew Holden
  • Nicole Aucoin, BWH (fiducials)
  • Eugenio Marinetto, UC3M Madrid (Line-Based Registration, Reg. Algorithm)

Project Description


  • Add module for registration using linear features

Approach, Plan

  • Investigate module use cases:
    • Ultrasound calibration for PLUS
    • ...
  • Use Fiducial Registration Wizard module as a template
  • Investigate whether linear features can be treated in the same way as fiducials


  • See: LinearObjectRegistration
  • Discussed generic module for collecting/defining/acquiring parametric features:
    • Use data structure to store a set of 0D/1D/2D parametric features
    • For each feature, store raw point data, as well as basic information (i.e. centroid, variance, etc.)
    • Individual registration algorithms are implemented as modules using the data structure
    • Individual algorithm is responsible for converting 0D/1D/2D data to points/lines/planes (if applicable)
    • Methods for acquisition: tracking, models, fiducials, segmentation
  • Use cases:
    • Phantom registration for ultrasound calibration
    • Line feature based image to tracker registration
    • Fiducial frame registration
  • Began implementation of generic parametric features