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Key Investigators

  • Jayender Jagadeesan (BWH)
  • Tobias Penskofer (Charite, Berlin)
  • Sandy Wells (BWH)
  • Clara Meiner (previously BWH)
  • Raul San Jose Estepar (BWH)
  • Jorge Onieva (BWH)

Project Description


  • Develop a module in 3D Slicer to segment the ground glass opacity (GGO) tumor, apply HeterogeneityCAD to obtain imaging metrics and classify the GGO.
  • Provide the module as an extension part of OpenCAD

Approach, Plan

  • Implement a simple region growing algorithm
  • Apply HeterogeneityCAD module
  • Use predetermined SVM classifier to decide the lesion type


  • Completed analysis for 248 GGOs and trained SVM with an accuracy of 89% to classify GGOs
  • Developed the framework for the LungCAD module in Slicer
  • Evaluated the Lesion segmentation algorithm as part of the Chest Imaging Platform
  • Segmentation works well and is able to prevent the segmentation of vessels running through the lesion
  • LungCAD calls Lesion Segmentation CLI for segmentation and HeterogeneityCAD to evaluate features
  • Pre-processed SVM will be utilized to classify the GGOs