2015 Summer Project Week:OpenSource MRTRUS Fusion for Prostate biopsy

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Key Investigators

  • Andrey Fedorov, BWH
  • Andras Lasso, Queen's
  • Clare Tempany, BWH
  • Utsav Pardasani, Robarts (Observer)
  • Adam Rankin
  • Robert Owen, BK
  • Laszlo Kanyasi, PerkLab

Project Description


  • Continue work on open-source system for tracked MRI-TRUS fusion for prostate IGT interventions (targeted biopsy primarily)

Approach, Plan

  • discuss optimal Plus setup to address the issue of 32-bit only tracker drivers and 64-bit volume reconstruction
    • command line invocation vs OpenIGTLink communication for Plus sequence operations
  • discuss the use of slicelet as user interface


Improvements and next steps discussed:

  • develop slicelet to simplify the workflow, reuse the components developed in the slicelet base class developed by Laszlo
  • chain 32-bit Plus to 64-bit to work around the limitation of 32-but drivers for Ascension (thanks to Adam for preparing Plus config files to support this setup, latencies need to be tested)
  • acquisition optimizations: use scout + real-time volume reconstruction, send transform to PlusServer to support different depth settings without the need to restart it

First use of EM-tracked freehand TRUS during prostate biopsy attempted at BWH on June 9; identified issues that need to be discussed with the Plus team:

  • disconnect of framegrabber freezes everything
  • sensor out of the box is not reported as a warning
  • need to record sensor quality
  • error messages about missing frames from framegrabber
  • sometime Slicer/Plus get into a state where it is not possible to establish OpenIGTLink connection; the only solution was to restart the PC!
  • need to consider separate Plus instances for tracker data collection (32 bit) and framegrabber data (64bit for volume reconstruction)