2015 Summer Project Week:SlicerCardboard

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Key Investigators

  • Utsav Pardasani (Robarts)
  • Adam Rankin (Robarts)

Project Description


  • Add the capability for Slicer to render stereo views on mobile-phone based viewers.

Approach, Plan

  • Develop a websocket server in Slicer to serve up rendered stereo views to cheap vr goggles


  • Successful websocket server implementation, however the image-compression is blocking the renderloop. Also needed is lens-distortion correction
  • Plan to implement Steve's model from SlicerWeb to bring potential for interactivity.
  • Github Page: https://github.com/Utsavvy/SlicerCardboard
  • Planned collaboration with Frankie to integrate rift player with Slicer Cardboard