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Proposed research

  • We are interested in investigating the use of magnetically tracked ultrasound image guidance for procedure guidance

Key Investigators

  • Adam Rankin, Robarts Research Institute, Western University (University of Western Ontario)
  • Dr. Terry Peters, supervisor, RRI, UWO
  • Dr. Gabor Fichtinger, supervisor, Perk Lab, Queen's University
  • Robert Owen, BK

Project Description


  • Continue work on TAVI workflow in a series of Slicer modules
  • Module to guide valve holder tool to aortic annulus (depth analysis, tool orientation analysis, etc...)
  • Module to facilitate ideal bi-plane orientation from tracked 3D data
  • Current source available at (SlicerTAVI)


  • 3D probe calibration (possible rigid transformation from 2D calibration)
  • Magnetic tracking in OR not necessarily feasible
  • Cardiac surgeons involved express reluctance to give up fluoro (suprise...) so possible generate synthetic fluoro pre-op CT and intra-op US

Approach, Plan

  • Develop phase 1 module with magnetic tracking to show feasibility of magnetic solution
  • Phase 2 module might include image based tracking, US emitter based tracking, or other solutions suggested by intelligent and good-looking Slicer community