2015 Summer Project Week:Tracheal Stent Planning

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Key Investigators

  • Raul San Jose, Jorge Onieva (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
  • George Cheng (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)

Project Description

Different tracheal malformation (tracheobronchial malacia) and neck cancers with tumors invading the airway require the implantation of tracheal stent (T-tubes or Y-stents) to keep the airway opened.


  • Develop a tracheal stent planning tool to fit T-tubes and Y-stent

Approach, Plan

  • Implement a minimization problem to fit a parameterized model of the stent to the patient tracheal model using constrained points provided by the user
  • Build a module to interact with the user and show the stent fitting results and the model parameters.


  • Initial conversation with George Cheng
  • Develop the algorithm for automatic fitting of an Y-stent using a cylindrical articulated model

Trachea Stent Planning