2015 TWMU Seminar

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The objective of this course is to learn 1) state of art in Image Guided Therapies, 2) multi-disciplinary translational research at Boston area hospitals, 3) and small start-up companies to commercialize the outcome of translational research and help prevail the state-of-art Image Guided Therapy products. Though they are not foci of the lecture, we will cover administrative, regulatory, and programatic aspect of the process through 1) to 3).

Friday Feb 27, 2:30pm-5:00pm


  • The lecturer's profile
  • The lecturer's research background

Example of translational research at the hospital

  • Example of translational research = neurosrugery, prostate, liver ablation therapy
  • Ingredients of successful translational research

Mini Project

  • Understand the profile, history and progression of selected device start-ups
  • Founder, academic research, NIH funds, venture capitals. regulatory

Saturday, Feb 28 Morning 10:00am-12:00pm

Device Start-ups

  • How a start-up starts?
  • Why start-up is created? What is the economics of start-ups?
  • Raising funds for start-ups?