2015 Winter Project Week Infrastructure Breakout

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Updating Teem release

  • Hans has merged the changes in Teem1.11.1 branch with his change and resolved a bunch of CMake issues git
  • Results are in this Dashboard
  • Talk to Gordon to bring those changes into Teem trunk and make a new branch (Teem 1.11.2?)

Python Modules and Python Slicer

  • Discussion
    • We agree that Anaconda is a viable long term solution . Need to test this and package slicer
  • Roadmap
    • Build Slicer with miniAnaconda
      • Set variables in External_python to point to your Anaconda install.
      • Install numpy, scipy, pygithub… (get from build)
      • Build with VS13, OSX clang
    • Create packages
      • make package
      • Look at install portion of Slicer python to bring anaconda (ExternalPython.cmake)
      • Test if conda works on the package version of python

Extension and third party libraries

  • Policy to use third party libraries like OpenCV with Extensions. Should they be part of Slicer main dependencies?