2016 Summer Project Week/3D Lasso Selection

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Key Investigators

  • Davide Punzo
  • Csaba Pinter
  • Andras Lasso
  • Steve Pieper

Project Description


  • Adding a CloudLasso selection tool in the Segmentation editor for grid data. The Segmetation editor already works on 3D View. Therefore, it should streightforward to implement a draw effect on the 3D and apply a grid CloudLasso selection.
  • Example of CloudLasso selection on particles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqUkXol6oX8&hd=1

Approach, Plan

  • Discuss with Csaba, Andras and Steve the implementation.
  • Do it!


  • Design and Implementation discussed with Andras, Steve and Csaba.
  • Collected feedback from some users on the desired feature (e.g. an "eraser" 3D Lasso is also requested).
  • The project it is not finished, however in this week we created a solid base (many useful implementation feedback and coding sharing by Andras, Steve and Csaba). The project will continued/finished in the next weeks.
  • Implemented