2016 Summer Project Week/CameraTutorial

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Key Investigators

  • Peter Behringer
  • Santhirarajah Mathimugan
  • Steve Pieper

Project Description


  • a tutorial that explains:
    • a) how to connect a dart USB camera from Basler to a PC
    • b) grab the images
    • c) write a simple program in C++ for simple object detection.

Approach, Plan

  • Investigate and document examples for
    • how to control camera parameters from C++ and python
    • how to send images over OpenIGTLink
    • how to interface with OpenCV
    • how to interface with VTK
    • how to integrate a Basler camera in Slicer and make a custom Slicelet
  • Develop a plan for the tutorial
    • identify target audience
    • define high priority topics
    • create learning objectives and prerequisite list
    • decide on best publishing method (wiki page? ppt?)
    • make plans for evaluating and improving content based on trainee feedback


  • Productive discussions and demos
    • time of flight range camera
    • HD cameras
    • C++ API and relation to utility software configuration
    • Integration of C++ API with OpenCV for object detection
  • First pass of tutorial slides
    • Part 1: controlling cameras and capturing images
    • Part 2: analysing images with OpenCV
    • Part 3: sending images and/or tracked object data via OpenIGTLink