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Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper, Isomics, Inc.
  • Jim Miller, GE
  • Christian, Simon, Andras, Fernando, Marco...
  • Others are welcome to join!

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps

Progress from 2016 Winter Project Week:

  • Identify use cases that would be good for this approach
    • Visualization
    • Segmentation
    • Registration
  • Code review and refinement of Slicer OpenGL shader/texture classes
  • Evaluate build and deployment issues on various platforms
  • Test code performance on various platforms
  • Implement one or more sample image algorithms and compare with CPU implementation
    • Performance
    • Ease of development, readability, maintainability...
    • Scalability limits
  • Discussed motivation and implementation options with many members of the community
    • Positive feedback on goals and opportunity
    • Potential use cases identified as possible points of collaboration (Sandy Wells, Terry Yoo, Dan Blezek, Curt Lisle, Sudhanshu Semwal...)
    • Additional motivation from IGT projects
      • Real-time brain shift visualization for AMIGO neurosurgery
      • Interactive segmentation/volume rendering for SlicerHeart and other applications
  • Code and architecture review
  • Experimental compositing options (see sphere-subtract image above)

Background and References

Other WebGL / GLSL references