2016 Summer Project Week/Curve and Surface Creation from Fiducials

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Key Investigators

  • Thomas Vaughan (Queen's)
  • Junichi Tokuda (BWH)
  • Andras Lasso (Queen's)

Project Description


  • Create different types of models (curves and surfaces) from fiducial markups, in a single centralized & easy-to-maintain extension

Approach, Plan

  • Create a new module for this functionality, with options for automatically updating models if there is an update in the fiducial list
  • Create a suitable user interface
  • Import relevant functionality from other modules


  • Some basic functionality is already implemented in SlicerIGT's MarkupsToModel, so we decided to reuse that infrastructure.
  • A user interface has been designed
  • Discussions between Junichi Tokuda and Thomas Vaughan on what functionality to move from Curve Maker to MarkupstoModel; We plan to move all model-making aspects to MarkupstoModel, and the visualizations will remain in Curve Maker. We are performing the migration of features after the project week, and will update this page again when the migration is complete and tested (still in progress as of August 15, 2016).