2016 Summer Project Week/Integrating PLUS in applications using OpenIGTLink

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Key Investigators

  • Christian Askeland
  • Janne Beate Bakeng
  • Ole Vegard Solberg
  • Jon Eiesland
  • Longquan Chen
  • Simon Drouin

Project Description


  • Provide support for Tracking and Ultrasound streaming in various IGT Navigation Systems, using PLUS and the OpenIGTLink.v3 protocol as a backend.
  • The systems considered so far are
  • CustusX: Phase out IGSTK (tracking) and in-house solutions (streaming).

Approach, Plan

  • Base work on results from Tracked Ultrasound Standardization II: The Implementering, and the existing PLUS/OpenIGTLink support in CustusX.
  • Coordinate efforts between systems doing the same job using a client side IGTL library: https://github.com/IGSIO/OpenIGTLinkIO, forked from 3DSlicer/OpenIGTLinkIF
  • CustusX items:
    • Replace IGSTK-based tracking. Evaluate if PLUS has the required features.
      • Semi-automatic gui-based configuration on the CX side.
      • Modify PLUS if necessary.
      • Wrap PLUS in CustusX. End users should not need to tweak PLUS-specific xml.
    • Replace in-house US-streaming solutions by the new standards.
      • Try to use PLUS as backend for the Ultrasonix scanner.
      • Write a lightweight OpenIGTLink server for proprietary scanners.
      • Framegrabber/OpenCV-based streaming based on PLUS (?).


  • CustusX now receives ultrasound over OpenIGTLink/IO from PLUS: Media:CustusX_with_openigtlink3.mov.
  • IBIS now received tracking data and images over OpenIGTLink/IO from PLUS: Media:Namic-result-ibis.mov.
  • The OpenIGTLinkIO library is integrated into CustusX, IBIS and Slicer as a common layer.
  • See [1] for a diagram relating the various applications and libraries.
  • Command protocol is implemented in IO, yet to be used for controlling PLUS remotely.