2016 Summer Project Week/Intraoperative Functional Guidance workflows in Neurosurgery

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Key Investigators

  • Prashin Unadkat, BWH/HMS
  • Sarah Frisken, BWH/HMS
  • Anna Roethe, Charite/Humboldt University
  • Christian Hansen, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Project Description

Document, understand, and improve visualization of functional mapping data for intraoperative use


  • Document and refine workflows for function guided brain tumor resection in AMIGO
  • Understand visualization conventions of functional mapping data for presurgical planning and intraoperative navigation

Approach, Plan

  • 5 year evaluation of Patient cases operated in AMIGO
  • Analyzed and summarized current workflow patterns in AMIGO
  • Review the literature regarding current practices of Intra-operative Imaging


  • Concept development: refinement of training for surgical data acquisition and usage in AMIGO
  • Planning of user study for screen assignment of intraoperative data visualization
  • Outline of follow-up study for 3D->2D surgical risk map visualization
OR Navigation System - Brainlab